The Award-Winning Children's Book that Teaches Kindness, Courage, and More

Get five books in one with the Little Virtues Compilation! Each story teaches a different moral.

Now it’s easy and fun to teach kids virtues and emotional resilience with these award-winning rhyme verse stories.


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Each Story Teaches a Different Virtue

  • Little Brave instills courage.
  • Little Love instills self-worth.
  • Little Envy instills self-acceptance.
  • Little Charity instills selflessness.
  • Little Faith instills resilience.

Loved by Moms 
and Families

The Little Virtues is the recipient of the Gold Mom's Choice Award, an award known for family-loved products and content. They also won Book of the Year for 2022. Since these stories are timeless, they're loved by adults too!

What Makes The Little Virtues Special


Keeps Kids Engaged

Each book is written in rhyme-verse so they naturally keep kids engaged from beginning to end. Kids love the bold and colorful imagery that capture their imagination.

Inclusive Stories

The Little Virtues speak to children of all ages and backgrounds. They're inclusive stories that discuss shared morals, making them loved by both children and adults alike.

Develops Character

The Little Virtues allow for deeper connection with kids. They teach how to handle difficult emotions and decisions in an empowered and healthy way. How to face fear for example, disappointment, and much more!

What Our Readers Have to Say


Great Message for Every Age...

"Absolutely love this book. This is a must for every household. Such a great message for every age. I’m 62 & I thoroughly enjoy it. My granddaughter is 3 & she loves this book. Obviously she cannot read but the pictures entertain her because they are illustrated beautifully. She has asked her Mom to read this to her every day since she got it. Now, one is on its way to my other daughter who has older kids & who is also a K teacher."

-Jim T.

Teaches Self Respect...

"I read the book Little Love to my kids and the lesson of self respect and teaching yourself to love yourself is invaluable. The author teaches this lesson in a very constructive way. The illustrations in the book is all very well done. I am excited to see additional books come out with similar lessons for kids."

-Kim P.

Artwork is Extroardinary...

"This wonderful book has not only a tremendously important message for kids about self-acceptance, but the artwork is extraordinary and engaging. My 5 year old daughter immediately fell in love with the book and its message, wanting to read it again and again. The lessons in the book are ones to reflect on again and again from youth into adulthood. Encouraging children to find self worth that leads to a life of compassion, kindness, and caring for others is a powerful antidote to the false promise of finding meaning and self-worth in physical beauty, fame, or riches. Highly recommended."

-Chel M.

Meet the Author, Rose Sprinkle

Rose Sprinkle is an award-winning author and unknowingly began The Little Virtues Series with her first published book, Little Love. She is on a mission to help families and children everywhere create happy and whole-hearted lives. She lives in the Seattle, Washington area with her husband, cat, and two frisky beagles.

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